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Purpose for Sports Outreach

The purpose of undertaking these initiatives for youths is to help them to discover their God given potentials and to arouse their inner spiritual strength and character development, building healthy relationships and provide sporting skills development for personal life.

If youth cannot find guidance, encouragement and support from the world and their families, ROGGSOI must be to them an alternative community [family] where they can find hope, guidance and support to enable them live a meaningful life.

Given room to youth to occupy in the society is an important catalyst for the youth's transformation and this develops them spiritually, socially and skillfully. If the society cannot provide alternatives, Satan and the world will always have wrong, destructive offers to our youths.

The say, that "an idle hand is the workshop of the devil" must inspire us to care and reach out to the youth. Since they are the targets of the Devil. Failure to design youth empowerment programs will be giving our youth over to temptation of getting involved in crime, violence, drug abuse, gambling, alcoholism, and sexual immorality. This is particularly anxious for those many youths who did not manage to go far with studies due to their parent's poverty.

The society needs to take advantage of youth's eagerness to learn, especially those youth, who are committed and involved in sporting activities and have displayed their potentials, to learn sport skills in order to help the society and their communities, such as Basketball, Athletics, Handball, Scrabble, Football, Volleyball and Table Tennis etc.

Physical activity is vital to the holistic development of young people, fostering their physical, social and emotional health. The benefits of sport reach beyond the impact on physical well-being and the value of the educational benefits of sport should not be under-estimated.

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