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In the month of May the PowerClubs iin Malawi have been increasing because the teachers are really committed to the work. I can report that there are 20 new PowerClubs, however, I have managed to visit only 15 power clubs, which is largely due to lack of transportation. I have also managed to take the photos of 5 PowerClubs which are attached to this report.

The idea was to send the photos of all the clubs but because the camera that I use is a borrowed one and often the owner needs it even before I have completed the task that I needed it for. Therefore, if there is any possibility of helping me with a digital camera it can simplify the task to a larger extent.

Continue to pray for us because there are some people who live in the southern part of Malawi; Mozambique boarder who have also show a great interest in the organization. As such they also need it to reach their place. It should be our prayer jointly to make it possible to reach such places and teach those who can lead the KIMI Kids and train them as per requirement.

"We are very grateful for the books that you left for us. However,we really want these curriculum if possible to be translated into our local language as you may agree with me that not many people are literate and are able to read and understand English."

We are believing God to be able to do this translation as soon as funds are released.

Pastor William seen here with Pastor David' and below distributing the KIMI curriculum.

Pastor William the KIMI Uiliwa Coordinator handing out the KIMI curriculums and manual

Pastor William the KIMI Uiliwa Coordinator handing out the KIMI curriculums and manual

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