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Kids in Ministry International Malawi PowerClub sponsorship

The Assembles of God Church in Uliwa hosted the Malawi KIMI three day PowerClub leadership training and one day Child Evangelism program.

The Assembles of God Church in Uliwa hosted the Malawi PowerClub Leadership Training .

Seen here front row: Pastor David, right and Pastor Gowokani Mangongo the KIMI Malawi teacher, left.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Pastor Enid, a Guyanese missionary in Africa (seated on the left) and her lovely little adopted African daughter Loveness travelled from Llonlonwe to undergo the training. Seen here with Jenny Tryhane.

Sheis excited about launching a PowerClub in the capital and we are delighted to be able to include that as part of our KIMI Malawi PowerClub sponsorship.

Pastor Enid seen here with Jenny and her little girl Loveness.

Pastor Enid ministering to the Pastors

She is committed to teaching children the meat and deeper truths of Godís Word by going beyond the basic Bible stories.

Equipping them for the work of the ministry and creating an atmosphere and opportunities where they can experience the presence of God on a regular basis.

Pastor Enid with Loveness

Pastor Enid with Loveness and Stella 9standing)

Pastor Enid praying over the KIMI manual


The children of Africa are praying ... watch out satan!

The children of Africa are praying ...

watch out satan!

The children of Africa are praying ... watch out satan!

Help us to sponsor this PowerClub.

Your US $30 per month will enable us to:

  1. Feed your sponsored child at the church three times a week, after school.
  2. It will enable him to attend the Kisses from Heaven PowerClub three times a week.
  3. It will supply all necessary materials needed to host the PowerClub
  4. It will enable us to train more teachers in the KIMI program and get this excellent program into the schools of Mbeya once a week
  5. It will enable us to print KIMI curriculums and handbooks for local churches and schools including teaching and training more Pastors and Sunday School teachers.
  6. It will allow us to host teacher refresher classes once a quarter to update them on new KIMI curriculums
  7. It will allow us to get these new KIMI curriculums translated into Swahili and printed for the existing PowerClubs.

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