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Make Jesus Smile - what to put in your shoe box

Make Jesus Smile Due to customs and import regulations we have to be careful what we put into the shoe box.

Please use the following lists below as an idea of what to pack.

YES items:

Half Moon Primary School children in Barbados with their boxes packed ready for shipping to HaitiA cuddly toy (depending upon the age of your chosen child)
A toothbrush, toothpaste
A wrapped bar of soap, soap dish and face cloth
A baby bib
Baby toiletries
A rattle, plush toy or squeaky toy for a baby
A notepad, drawing book or colouring book
Pencils and pencil sharpener, pens, paper and exercise books
A set of crayons or felt pens
A small ball, marbles (age 6 +), card games, playdoh, plastic animals
Jacks, Plasticine, skipping ropes
A puzzle e.g. small jigsaw
Beach toys, arm bands, swim rings, inflatable beach ball
Dominoes, small magnetic games,
For boys: a toy car or truck
For girls: costume jeweler, make-up or hair accessories
Small musical instrument eg mouth organ, whistle
A greetings card or a photo of yourself wishing the child Happy Christmas

Do NOT include items from any of the following categories:

Chocolate - they will melt prior to arrival!
Other edible items (e.g. crisps, biscuits, tinned food or cake)
Tinned food
Toilet Paper
War related items (e.g. toy guns and soldiers, knives)
Glass containers, mirrors or fragile items
Liquids of any type (e.g. blow bubbles, shampoos, toiletry sets)
Sharp objects
Anything of a political or racial nature

Make Jesus Smile


Thanks to the children of Barbados.

CLICK to learn how to pack your shoe box

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