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Dominica Christmas 2006

St Lucy Secondary school seniors pack gifts for children in the Caribbean

United Caribbean Trust has established contacts within Dominica and we introduced the Make Jesus Smile programme into the Carib Territory last Christmas.

Thank you for working with us to see this dream become a reality.

Our relationship with trusted in-country partners in Dominica ensures that each box is delivered to a needy child.

This has been photo documented and showcased on this site CLICK to see the Dominica Christmas party.

United Caribbean Trust is seeking to establish a Caribbean equivalent to Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child.

Samaritan’s Purse is a wonderful International Christian relief and development agency, working in over 100 countries worldwide .One of its best known project is Operation Christmas Child. It has grown to where over seven million needy children received gift-filled shoe boxes last Christmas.

United Caribbean Trust has a deep desire to be an expression of the love of Christ on earth, bringing hope to children in Dominica and Haiti responding to meet the holistic needs of the child – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Barbadian children responding to the needs of children in the Caribbean We want Make Jesus Smile to be much more than a shoe box ministry, receiving this gift means so much to the Dominican or Haitian child. Just knowing that someone, from within the Caribbean, whom they will probable never meet, cared. Your efforts will bring joy, hope and a little of God’s love into a desperately poor situation, remembering the true meaning of Christmas – so...


Your Make Jesus Smile last Christmas.

You can do it again this Easter!

Taking part is so easy - by simply filling a shoe box with a range of small items suitable for a child of your chosen gender and age range, you can send a ‘box of hope’ to Dominica or Haiti.

CLICK to see what to put in your shoe box

CLICK to learn how to pack your shoe box

Half Moon Primary School children packing  shoe boxes for the children in Haiti

A special thanks to the schools of Barbados that have got involved in this project.

CLICK to see the Dominica Christmas party.

Contact us if you want to get involved in the Easter project

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