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Reverend Maurice Lizimba National Overseer of Church of God Malawi asked "Could you please come and help us" These are the words that still echo in the ears of two New Testament Church of God Brethren who were on a short term outreach in the year 2000 with a missionary team called UPLIFT 2000. Reverend Lizimba was delighted to know that we would pause from our busy schedule with the outreach team to check on his well being and that of the ministry of the Church of God in Malawi.

The National Evangelism director of Church of God Barbados, Sister Alldene JordonThe National Evangelism director of Church of God Barbados, Sister Alldene Jordon and Brother Ambrose Headley were overwhelmed by the needs of their sister church in this part of the world. The overseer further stated that he was deeply moved by our visit. He took us around and showed us some of the church buildings and projects that he was working on.

Some of the needs identified were: training and materials for pastors and other leaders, transportation for his National Youth directors so he can visit the villages which are many miles apart. He identified land for a Bible school facility and church building project. A new church was needed for this village

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