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MISSION OF HOPE - Malawi 2005

MALAWI Missionary Trip

Sep't 27th - October 28th

Seen here the National Evangelism director of Church of God Barbados, Sister Alldene Jordan

and Brother Ambrose Headley, a Barbados Youth Commissioner for St James west, seen here in Malawi in 2003. They were overwhelmed by the needs of their sister church in this part of the world.

They plan to return this year to build an orphanage. This is a very ambitious vision and your help is urgently needed.

The New Testament Church of God Barbados will continue to assist our brethren in Malawi. We are presently constructing an orphanage in Lilongwe, Malawi. This orphanage will house some of the homeless children in Lilongwe. Brethren your help is needed. We need your prayers, your financial support and your technical skills. 
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Mission of Hope Church of God outreach in Malawi
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