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Kisses from Heaven
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Mozambique- child sponsorship

In 1995, after twenty years of praying and waiting, Rolland and Heidi Baker arrived in Mozambique, the poorest country in the world. The government offered Iris Ministries a horribly delapidated and neglected "orphanage," and with no promised support such a project they simply said, "Yes, we'll take it!" They began with eighty children, but their hearts were broken for the lost and abandoned children still on the streets of Maputo. After many years of brutal civil war, thousands left orphaned, displaced and abandoned. The Mozambican and foreign staff of Iris Ministries began to pick up and take in these lost children. God poured down his love and provided food day by day. They grew to 320 children. They planted a church in the community and began to see hundreds turn their hearts to the Lord.

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Praise Academy African Warriors

At last the Praise Academy African Warriors were ready for their first public showing. Led by the composer of the dance Gina Hunt. Some of these children have been involved in the Kisses from Heaven tee shirt project generating public awareness and helping to establish the child sponsorship program that UCT seeks to introduce using the tee shirts in the same way that we used the Make Jesus Smile shoeboxes to introduce the Haiti child sponsorship program.

Praise Academy African Warriors Praise Academy African Warriors Praise Academy African Warriors

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