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Sport, today has become an essential part of our society. Apart from body fitness and improved health those engaged activities; it is generally embraced as a source of entertainment to many people in our world.

It will be amazing to find out the number of youths engaged in various sporting activities I Nigeria and indeed the world. Sport provide a delightful engagement to youths today who ordinarily would have been wandering, jobless or involved in despicable acts capable of jeopardizing their future.

Equally amazing is the fame enjoyed by clubs, organizations and nations after a successful outing at a sporting competition. How else could less powerful nations like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Trinidad and Tobago etc come into reckoning without sport? Little wonder when politicians take advantage of sporting exploits to advance their course or gain acceptability from the populace.

Above all, sports have bee transformed from a mere source of entertainment into a great source of income to both individuals and organizations. For instance, just in January this year, about 250million GBP exchanged hands in the singing of players by the English Premier League clubs. Convert that to Naira, you will get over N62billion in just one month! This is exclusive of financial flows from gate takings, souvenirs, TV rights, adverts, sponsorship among others. We have bundle of talents in Nigeria that given the right encouragement, motivation, development and facilities, can go on take the world by storm.

Considering the aforementioned benefits that sport bring, you will see that there is hardly any human endeavour comparable to sports.

Moreover, as good as sport is, it is painful to note that lives of many youths have been awkwardly affected when you consider the negative effects of the use banned drugs, sometime hard drugs by sporting individuals and also the frustrations, diabolism and moral decadence prevent among them.

At Royal Gold Sports Outreach Ministry Initiative (ROGGSOMI), we use sport as an instrument of engagement and change for our teeming youths. The “Bodily exercise profited little, but godliness is profitable unto all things” Bodily exercise here could be referred to as sport or sporting activities. It therefore means that all the benefits derivable from sports is compare to the mind of God for us all. Only godliness has invaluable profit.

God plan for us that our lives will be highly profitable, thus the need for all to embrace godliness.
The only means by which we can become godly is when we accept Jesus into our lives. Try as we may, our efforts will yield no result if the grace of God through Jesus is not involved.

It is therefore our main focus in ROGGSOMI to raise godly and Holy Spirit men and women who would later become international super stars.

We seek your support in achieving this aim. A life changed is a generation changed! A generation change is a world changed!! Join us to change our world.
God bless you all.

Pastor Blessing Perez Johnson

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