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Harrison's Cave

Barbados'  Harrison's Cave


Located in the central uplands of Barbados, this magnificent attraction of unmatched beauty is a must for any visitor to Barbados.

Harrison's Cave is a massive underground cave stream system, with awesome caverns and breathtaking formations.

Enjoy an unparalleled underground experience as you journey aboard a tram, past clear streams and cascading waterfalls.

Barbados'  Harrison's Cave


Harrison’s Cave welcomes visitors to explore their world for the ultimate eco-adventure tour experience.

Trek along nature trails abundant tropical flora, catch a glimpse of native birds and maybe even a green monkey; as you traverse this rich habitat.

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Barbados'  Harrison's Cave

Barbados'  Harrison's Cave

Barbados'  Harrison's Cave

Barbados'  Harrison's Cave
Barbados'  Harrison's Cave

What a thrill to be able to take visitors to Harrison's Caves.

Seen here Dr Brenda Caldwell during her stay on the island.

Barbados tropical gardens

Trips to Orchid World and Flower Forest, to mention just a couple, are well worth a visit.

From Harrison's Cave the tour continues onto the Parish of St John with a stop at the ancient St John's Parish church.

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