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The United Caribbean School Twinning programmes was designed to encourage learning through play, foster cooperation and strengthen friendships through planned and supervised activities.




Afternoon Kids Club was a concept visualised following Hurricane Ivan to take place at Cassada Bay as a Pilot project for the United Caribbean School Twinning concept.

• ‘Story Telling’ and dramatization;
• Puppetry programs;
• A ‘Play Time’ area;
• Indoor and outdoor games area
• Music workshops;
• Dance workshops;
• Arts and craft workshops;

• Learn to swim;
• Lifesaving & First Aid;
• Basic sailing and fishing skills;
• Animal care and familiarization
• Kitchen gardening;
• Landscaping ‘Flowers Everywhere’;
• Hiking
• Introduction to healing herbs
• Introduction to HIV/AIDS;
• Health and nutrition;
• Cooking workshops;

The Afternoon Kids Club was designed to have significant benefits to children participating as it will give a child the opportunity to ‘be a kid’ again.


Local Teachers were to be involved in the project.

The teams working with the AKC were to be housed at Cassada Bay immediately following Hurricane Ivan.


‘Kid-friendly’ adults whose backgrounds include: acting, dancing, psychology, nursing, counseling, teaching, horticultural and sports.


These individuals were to be capable of identifying and coping with the long term symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and will encourage dialogue and sharing to combat the effects of the Ivan Experience. It was expected that the Afternoon Kids Club would continue for the duration of our projected stay at Cassada Bay.

United Caribbean wanted to offer students and youth groups accommodation for 6 girls and 6 boys in two dometory style Youth Hostel type accommodation
PLUS two semi detached villas housing 4 teachers
The separate lounge dining room is basic but ideal as doors lead out onto balconies with sumptuous, peaceful views.
The views from the balconies, which have minor weather damages, and major termite infestations, are delightful!



Flamboyant trees provide shade between the chalets,

The gardens are being tidied and will be a riot of colour if only the 'kids' could be kept off of the garden beds (I refer to the baby goats that roam the grounds)


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