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Coral reefs photo compliments of Dr KarenThe devastation came from the sea and the first casualties were the fishermen and their coastal villages whose sources of food and protein have been ruined. Next hit by the killer tsunamis were the coral reefs where fish live and breed.

Coral reefs photo compliments of Dr KarenDeveloped by Senior Scientist for Marine Biology, Dr. Austin Bowden-Kerby, Counterpart's award-winning global “Coral Gardens” program will find a new home in Sri Lanka, conserving and restoring coral reef ecosystems and fisheries while promoting sustainable tourism.

Coral reefs photo compliments of Dr KarenCounterpart International's team of environmental experts on coral reef restoration are optimistic about the possibilities for restoring the health of reef areas in Barbados and Jamaica through its award-winning Coral Gardens initiative, pioneered originally in the Pacific.

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Mangrove restoration is also urgently needed to assist the local fisheries industry. Counterpart's “Forest Gardens” program, which helps poor farming communities restore degraded forest ecosystems and improve food security, will also be deployed to restore and protect communities against future disasters.


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