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Dr. Colin Hudson

BARBADOS' BEST KNOWN environmentalist and innovator, Dr Colin Hudson, is dead.

Hudson, who turned 66 just 38 days ago, died of a suspected heart attack at his Edgehill, St Thomas home in the wee hours of yesterday morning as he was preparing for the regular Sunday morning hike which he had been leading for 25 years. < Read more >

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, February 23, CERN - Dr. Colin Hudson, British-born Barbadian environmentalist and innovative scientist, acknowledged internationally as a key developer of the modern sugar cane harvester, died in Barbados early Sunday.

According to radio reports, Hudson, 68, died as he was preparing to lead his weekly early-morning hikes around Barbados to educate dozens of Barbadians and visitors on local culture and environment.< Read more >

Below an email sent to the Director of Caribzones by the late Dr. Colin Hudson

In May last year, the Gaia Foundation in London suggested that something like the Barbados "Village of Hope" could be appropriate for the Johannesburg Earth Summit (WSSD), in particular linking with the swelling interest in the development of the "Earth Justice Movement" (EJM). EJM is deep thinking indeed, -- questioning the basis of traditional "Western" Jurisprudence which seems to be leading to an ever-worsening interaction between people and each other and nature, and replacing it with a jurisprudence based on the Laws of Nature (as understood by Science) and Intuitive Laws (as understood by "primitive" peoples and great religions and philosophies). "Hopes" (similar to "Best / Better Practice -- defined in our ventures as actual working models which can be adapted and copied widely to achieve harmonious living with the natural laws including other people and species) move us from wistful interest to pleasing achievement. As far as we know the Barbados Village of Hope was the first time in which a whole Nation used exhibiting to share and discuss Hope / Better Practice in a systematic and pragmatic way. < Read more

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