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Singing Enhances Our Bodies

• A uterine cancer cell, under the microscope, totally annihilates itself in FOURTEEN minutes when exposed to “preferred” classical music. (In this study- Mozart)
• This same uterine cancer cell, totally annihilates itself in NINE minutes when exposed to woman’s voice singing solfege scales with the xylophone.
• Insufficient oxygen in the blood may be a cause of immune deficiency and degenerative disease. Certain types of vocal music can actually oxygenate the cells.
• Vocal exercises can increase the lymphatic circulation up to 3 times the norm.
• Singing lifts our mood and restores our joy.
• When we sing, our immune system is enhanced giving our body the ability to heal itself.

SingingWhen we add singing to participating with a musical instrument, the brain benefits increase substantially

More musicians are admitted to medical school than biochemistry majors. And the percentage is huge…66% to 33%.

Top three nations of the world in academic excellence, all have mandatory music requirements for their students.

Hungary, is the top country in academic excellence.
The children in Hungary participate in mandatory music for the first four hours of every day from kindergarten to 10th grade.

Japan is second in academic excellence.
Japan is the home of Yamaha Music school, a preschool music program.

The Netherlands is third in academic excellence.
In the Netherlands, all students must play a musical instrument, and everyone is required to pass a music proficiency test to be admitted into higher education classes.

The piano has been shown to be the number one instrument to enhance brain-function.< Read more >


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