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Listening to music

Scientific research tells us that listening to a certain style of music enhances us, spirit, soul and body.

We call this “Preferred Music.”

Listening to music…

• Gives the will to live to tiny premature babies.
• Reduces pain and actually decreases the need for medication in surgery patients.
• Affects our endorphin levels, creating a runner’s high without the workout!
• Listening to this type of music slows down and equalizes brain waves.
• Listening to “preferred music” shifts the brain from beta waves toward alpha waves, enhancing alertness and giving a sense of well-being.
• When a person listens to “preferred music” his/her heart slows down to match the speed of the music...
• A slower heartbeat creates less physical tension and stress, calms the mind and helps the body heal itself.
• The repeated musical rhythms in this style of music, stimulate the release of endorphins and reduce blood levels of certain hormones associated with stress.
• Listening to this style of preferred music thirty minutes a day gives lift to your emotions equal to that of taking one valium.
• Listening to “preferred music” can drop levels of cortisol up to 25% improving the immune response.
• Listening to “preferred music” for 15 minutes daily could increase levels of IL-1 in the blood helping to protect cells from AIDS, cancer and other diseases.
• Listening to “preferred music” can alter one’s breathing patterns and state of consciousness, harmonizing right and left sides of the brain.
• Listening to “preferred music” will reduce muscle tension and relax children with severe physical and mental disabilities.

Listening to Music Enhances Our Learning Abilities

When ‘preferred music’ is playing while studying academic subjects, the retention and recall is greater… thus the student gets higher grades.
• Memorize
• Spell
• Learn poetry
• Speak foreign languages

Language, spatial and mathematics skills were accelerated in preschool children exposed to Mozart’s classical music.

The research is so strong, that many state supported day care centres in America require Mozart’s classical music every day.

At Perfect Praise, Inc. we are working with interested teachers to enhance classroom learning by listening to ‘preferred music’.

All the benefits we have introduced to this point
have to do with listening to music…

But there is

Singing Aids In Learning!

Sing it…
and you’ll
never forget it!

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