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Jesus Christ 2007 not out

Gospel artistes reap rewards at 2006 Flame Awards

Web Posted - Fri Mar 09 2007

By Regina Selman Compliments of the Barbados Advocate

A number of well-dressed, anxious nominees settled into the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium on March 3 for what would be the 6th annual Flame Awards. And by the end of the night, though only some of them were called into the winners circle, the artistes can all take a bow as they have heeded the call to remain Committed to a Cause

Mike Cummins, Chairman of the Flame Awards Committee, in highlighting the above theme, has noted that the committee is hoping to establish a base from which all artistes can improve their trade.
The Flame Awards is all about encouragement. We think it is necessary to encourage our Christian artistes to develop their music, as well as the other artistic expressions like dance, drama etc. We are hoping that by rewarding our gospel artistes they would see the need to aim for excellence in everything they do.
Tonight is just an example of the myriad talents we have in the bosom of the Christian community.We have now encapsulated our aims and objectives in our mission statement: Rewarding Excellence Is Our Purpose, he observed

Commencing the night of excellence was James Leacock, followed by Alex Blackman and Reverend Tony Lowe. The three gave tribute to the entities celebrating 25 years 

Also performing on the night were Rommel, Allison Norville-Forde, Jesus Army (Drama), Praise Academy of Dance (Boys), Image, Sheldon Hope and Ria Green, who gave a wonderful rendition of The Prayer

The only disappointment of the night was the fact that T&T-based artiste Isaac Blackman was a no show.

Flame 2006 Award DVDs will be available soon.

Persons can call 426-8603 for further details or e-mail:flame

  Make Jesus Smile C. A. TCaribbean Children's Prayer Network Africa Appeal - Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe Help Haiti
Make Jesus Smile Easter project CLICK

Praise Academy of Dance Barbados began in 2003; it is an affiliate of Praise Academy of Dance Jamaica which was established by C. Patricia Noble in 1993. This inter-denominational, non-profit company, headed by Artistic Director Marcia Weekes, has a roll of 185+ students and a 7 member staff. Praise Academy of Dance is a non-profit company which is administrated by a Board of Directors


"I will give you my message in the form of a vision.

Write it clearly enough to be read at a glance. At the time I have decided, my words will come true."

Habakkuk 2: 2-3

The 10/40 Window confronts us with several important considerations:

first, the historical and biblical significance;
second, the least evangelized countries with 6,000 unreached people groups;
third, the large number of poor and diseased;
fourth, the least evangelized mega-cities;
sixth, the dominance of three religions;
seventh, the strongholds of Satan within ‘The 10/40 Window’.

"The poor are the lost, and the lost are the poor."

Missions is the heartbeat of God

It is our urgent call to provide sponsorship for not only the orphans but also to support and empower the body of Christ and send them out for the Great Commission.

This will involve the sponsorship of African pastors being trained at the Assemblies of God School of Theology in Malawi.

"So we follow the chart of God’s Word, propelled by the wind of the Spirit, and stay the course in our worldwide mission." - L. John Bueno -

Executive Director Assemblies of God World Missions


Barbados Gospelfest was established in 1993 by the Barbados Tourist Board (BTB). The festival was the brainchild of the then Minister of Tourism Wes Hall, now Rev. Wes Hall. In 1995 the responsibility for the production of the festival was passed on to the Gospelfest Organising Committee made up of persons from the Christian community, chaired by Barbadian event manager Adrian Agard.

Carriacou church project

Christian outreach

Pastor Happy from Africa leading the way in evangelism and youth outreach in Carriacou.Thy Kingdom Come Deliverance Sanctuary is a beacon of Faith. This young community, struck by two major hurricanes, stepped out in Faith and God showed Himself might. Pastor Happy was given a word from God ten days before hurricane Ivan totally distroyed Grenada, ' There will be a great storm and after the storm a great revival'... watch this space!

Gospel Tourism

Gospel Tourism

United Caribbean Trust seeks to establish bases throughout the Caribbean, sold as ‘Christian Timeshare Holiday Resorts’ outside of the hurricane season (thus fund the Trust) and opened to Christian youth groups and Caribbean churches from August to October as conferance retreat centres. In the event of a disaster they would become accommodation for relief workers and street evangelist as well as distribution centres.

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