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Haiti Hurricane Relief
Sing to God a brand new song, sing His praises all over the world! Let the sea and its fish give a round of applause, with all the far-flung island joining in - Isaiah 42: 10 - The Message

The Caribbean is internationally renowned for its natural beauty. The islands are blessed with all the ingredients needed to have a wonderful, restful, spiritually uplifting holiday.

Seen here the remote east coast of Barbados and below Jenny with the Women of Excellence in St Lucia.

Demonstrating the diversity of the region.

Gospel Tourism represents an untapped market and an area designed exclusively for Kingdom Building business entrepreneurs. Christian Timeshare holiday resorts within the Caribbean will help to fund Harvest Ministries throughout the Caribbean including Haiti and eventually throughout the world, starting in Malawi, Africa.

United Caribbean Trust has been established for a time such as this.


St Lucia Women of Excellence

United Caribbean Trust headquarters in Carriacou




United Caribbean Trust will have base headquarters in various islands throughout the Caribbean including Barbados, Dominica and St Lucia, these bases need to follow the same template as our Carriacou base

United Caribbean Trust following Hurricane Ivan was based at Cassada Bay in Carriacou and this derelict resort could be used as Christian Timeshare Holiday Resorts outside of the hurricane season (thus fund the trust) and accommodation for relief workers and street evangelist during the hurricane season if needed. If not needed they could be opened to local schools, youth groups and Caribbean churches from July to October, where part of the experience would involve a Disaster Mitigation programme.

There are tremendous business opportunities awaiting as the disasters within the Caribbean create new niche markets.

  United Caribbean Trust Barbados charity promoting Gospel Tourism Christian vacations and holidays Africa Appeal - Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe Barbados charity promoting Gospel Tourism Christian vacations and holidays Dominica Carib Territor Make Jesus Smile Guyana Help Haiti Mission Suriname

Seen here a property built in St Lucia demonstrating this system can be used from the top of the market to starter homes

Building System

These resorts will be built using a new Building System that has achieved a breakthrough in building technology. This revolutionary, precision-engineered system will cut construction costs and provide durable, ecologically sound and custom-designed buildings. Engineered to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes, and built with quality materials that are resistant to rot and termite infestation, UCT feels this is the optimal solution for building in the Caribbean and Latin America today. .

UCT aims to partner with organizations to help build safer and stronger communities in partnership with the tourism sector. Helping with self-development, educational and enterprise projects seeking to empower disadvantaged individuals and communities to enable them to contribute to the viability of the tourism sector and the stability of the nation.

Creating opportunities for individuals and communities to develop sustainable livelihoods and serve to strengthen the relationship between the tourism sector and communities.

The option of Mission Youth Working Holidays during the hurricane season and the possibility of a Christian Time Share and Christian Conference Holiday Centres the remainder of the year are markets ripe for the taking. Imagine large churches being able to purchase a week or two per year at a Caribbean Christian Holiday Time Share and year after year fellowship together in the Caribbean. Imagine if there were other Christian Time Shares through out the Caribbean so churches could visit different islands. This is Gospel Tourism working in a way never imagined.
Working holidays
Haiti Mission trip

The Spiritual revival that is emerging before our eyes brightens our vision to see the islands of the Caribbean become the choice Christian Holiday Destination.

Short Term Mission Holiday Village is another form of Gospel Tourism that UCT aims to support


Take a look at what is happening in Asia Pacific in another group of 'islands of the sea' .The Fiji Revival has resounded throughout the world. Recently Christians from 14 nations gathered in Fiji to share their transforming experiences which are occuring in their countries.
Ugandan John Mulinde was among them. Mulinde told what was happening in his country, "In Uganda today, almost every week a number of churches are being opened up all the country. So it's like a mushrooming of churches all over because so many are coming to the Lord." If the spiritual revival sweeping Uganda spread into Malawi imagine the impact of the Malawi Mission and the possibilities that would abound there.

The Caribbean will follow as its people unite and turn to God in repentance and reconciliation. Read part of the Kenneth Copeland prophacy given in July 2006

“Those that live in the islands of the Caribbean, get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready. Get ready, get ready, get ready! An outpouring of the Holy Ghost has already begun, and it will manifest before the end of year until people from around the world will be saying, ‘If you can get anywhere in the Caribbean you can get healed.’< Read more >

A committee is being establish within the United Caribbean Trust including Christians within the construction, hospitality and realty areas of our community to research and build the first Caribbean ‘hurricane resistant Christian resort’ in Barbados, St Lucia and in Carriacou and Misson Holiday Villages in Haiti, Guyana and bridging the gap to Africa, Malawi.

Church building project Carriacou

It is no coincidence that Pastor Happy is building a church in Carriacou that will seat 500 people in anticipation of people from all over the world coming to that little island at the exact time that God has burdened UCT to look for sponsorship for Cassada Bay and similar real estate in Carriacou and the potential of a similar base in Barbados and St Lucia.

The bond between Barbados and Grenada/Carriacou is strong and has been strengthened following hurricane Ivan. The hand of God is moving here and His timing is perfect.

For all of this to be successful UCT needs some large Christian corporate companies and International churches to put some major sponsorship behind this effort, responsible committees need to be established within this Trust.

United Caribbean Trust headquarters in Carriacou

A United Caribbean Trust created for a United Caribbean.

Working Holiday

Working Holiday

Cassada Bay offer both individuals and groups the possibility of coming to Carriacou and staying in a 'working holiday village' FREE OF COST in exchange for 'work in the village', bringing Hands of Help into the community, the nursing homes, the after school children's club.

United Caribbean Trust Headquarters

Cassada Bay is a beautiful old, once- empty, hotel located on the island of Carriacou.

Providing 6 beautifully sited multi- coloured chalet accommodation for relief workers, in a secure, protected, (little tattered) setting.

.Cassada Bay

Gospel Tourism

 Gospel Tourism

United Caribbean Trust base headquarters could be used as ‘Christian Timeshare Holiday Resorts’ outside of the hurricane season (thus fund the trust) and accommodation for relief workers during the hurricane season if needed. If not needed they could be opened to local schools, youth groups and Caribbean churches from July to October what a wonderful opportunity for Gospel Tourism.

Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge

Helping people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive.

Christian outreach

Christian outreach

The Church With No Limits, our Spiritual home in Carriacou. Pastor Happy from Africa leading the way in evangelism and youth outreach.

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