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A SHIFT Project
Haiti Market Ministry - Help for Haiti

Help for Haiti and Africa Appeal - Malawi are concepts conceived out of the desire to assist with empowerment programmes within the Caribbean and in Africa.

Companies joining this project will commit to donating a percentage of sales to assist with the project of their choice.

Much interest has been shown and there are a wide range of companies serious about helping. They include a variety of homemade products such as natural condiments, herbal health products, arts and crafts. Products range will include items in the culinary line such as pepper sauce, BBQ sauce, fish and chicken seasoning.

All products are a 100% natural with no added preservatives

In the herbal health line will be indigenous herbal teas, natural soaps, spices, organic juices, oils, healing salve, facial scrubs and body creams to name but a few!

Within the arts and craft line products range from hand made pottery, batik silk printing, patchwork and prints as well as some original oil paintings from around the Caribbean.

These products are 100% Bajan made by female entrepreneurs to empower women in Malawi.

Help for Haiti will gain financial support through these products to continue training and supporting women and children.

The initial product lines will be finalized and marketing will commence on Ramona's return from Malawi the end of March 2006.

Once the product line has been finalized product testing will be carried out in different customer environments.

We are hoping to familiarise customers with products by holding sample days in retail stores, market gardens, churches and other venues.

With these results in mind we aim to put our product line in retail stores across Barbados and within the tourism sector as well as online.

Our vision is:

To have one retail market where products can reach the consumer directly and donations can get to the projects swiftly with minimal administrative charges and maximum transparency through the internet.


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