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Kids'EE - UNIT 7 Two Diagnostic Questions


Now that the child has written out his/ her testimony and is aware of how to say it they now learn how to approach their friends with the two diagnostic questions.


  • 1 John 5:13
  • John 6:
Heaven The child by now will be confident how to use the Gospel in a Nutshell and to share their testimony. However, before you share the Gospel with someone, you want to know if a person is trusting Jesus Christ alone for salvation or not.

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Dr. Soul Skit

This drama provides children with practice in identifying the types of answers to the two diagnostic questions

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The children try to determine if each patient is trusting Jesus or not based on their understanding of the person's answers.

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Dr. Soul Skit


The children practice using their Farley cards and nutshells how to bring the Gospel message

They make a necklace with the two big question marks as their Take Home Truths and seek ways to use it as an opportunity to ask their friends the two diagnostic questions.

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