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Mega Shift - Power Shift

David Rowe at the Mega Shift convention Barbados 2007In this global endgame, God is changing His methods. He is also changing us:

· freeing us from fixed roles
· bringing every true believer into the action
· giving us skills and talents that empower us to fix the world's worst problems
· forging deep relationships among us.

Your own life can be changed forever, and you will be encouraged to play a key role in this high-stakes adventure.

The Power Shift
Suddenly, millions of people are working miracles

Life on earth has changed dramatically. There has been a shift of tremendous power into the hands of plain folks.

Mega Shift convension in Barbados 2007 James Rutz the author of Mega Shift in Barbados 2007 Mega Shift convension in Barbados 2007

EVIDENCE ANNOUNCED IN MEGASHIFT: a surge of documented miracles, unprecedented in scope, including resurrections in 49 countries just in the last 15-20 years!

MORE EVIDENCE ANNOUNCED IN MEGASHIFT: New statistics and global reports show Islam, Humanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism being rapidly displaced by a core of 707 million Christians on a hot growth track (8% a year). By popular acclamation, the world will soon be almost all Christian!

The New Christianity
A startling new phase of Christianity is exploding.

Within this core of 707 million, roughly 100 million are spreading a radical version of Christianity that is so different, you can't tell it's a church! There are no sermons, programs, hierarchies, buildings, or salaried pastors. Instead, its ordinary members are given high status and responsibilities.

With such total participation, this "open Christianity" will, we feel, become predominant in our generation.

A New Way of Life
Open Christianity offers a wildly upgraded lifestyle.

You will get dozens of new benefits and privileges, such as:

· Freedom from the limitations and burdens of being under the traditional hierarchical system
(which is not found in the Bible)
· Empowerment and authority to do things you never thought possible, even the miraculous
· Loyal 24/7 support by a team of about a dozen close friends
· Solutions to even your biggest, most long-standing problems
· In-depth worship with the strong presence of God
· The high adventure of a key role in the life-and-death struggle to vanquish the world's problems.

Warm-Hearted Invitation
Would you like to have the above six changes in your life?

Are you tired of your lifestyle and wish it were better? Are you ready to take a giant step up to a higher level? Are you willing to pay the price to get there?

If so, this is a golden opportunity to begin a total transformation of your life! Most Christian books, messages, and ministries offer you less than a top-to-bottom renovation simply because they:
1. Help you, then . . .
2. Put you back in your place, which is a pew. In that position, your freedom of ministry and expression are almost nil. You can exercise those freedoms and your talents only after the service ends and everyone goes home.

As a fully-functioning part of a dedicated open team, you will get nothing but green lights! We want to see you solve your deepest problems, grow in strength and maturity, get strong support from a dedicated team, meet God heart to heart, and take an important part in the great final war of good versus evil.

Very few people realize that the nature of life on Earth has gone through a major shift. Ever since the mid-1980s, there has been a massive reversal in the basic direction of human history. Before then, the ancient war between good and evil was almost a stalemate. Now all has changed. The all-powerful Creator whose epic story flows through the pages of Scripture has broken through the defense lines of the Prince of Darkness and begun to pound the strongholds of evil to shreds.
This new drama is played out every hour around the globe. We can't guarantee you'll be praying people back to life after you read MEGASHIFT, but the book will show you how to bring the miraculous power of God into your life.

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