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Mega Shift - Total Transformation

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You Just Found What You've Been
Looking for All Your Life

We Call It Total Transformation

Barbados Mega Shift team with James Rutz You are invited to join a worldwide network of very devoted people, a takeover force that is doing at last what it was supposed to do 2,000 years ago: make Christian disciples and destroy evil.

We are a rather new type of alliance composed of adventurous teams that offer you personal transformation including more genuine power and in-depth support than you ever dreamed of!

Along with helping individuals spiritually, we expect to clean up every facet of human culture and transform society (eventually). If that intrigues you and you're willing to pay the price of making it happen, then you've found a new family of 100 million eager brothers and sisters.


Who do you want to be tomorrow?

You're a lucky dog!

Are You Living Too Small a Life?

So What's All This Going to Cost Me?

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