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Tabernacle Principal - Step 4

The Inner Court Activities

The fourth finger is the 'ring' finger if you were married, it reminding us that Worship is a love relationship with God.

Step 4 - Quieter Worship Choruses

1. We establish our leadership and authority over the meeting in a joyful and welcome way.

2. In most cases you will begin to slow things down so their spirits will begin to connect with God’s Spirit – it is transitioning from praise to worship in preparation for receiving the word of God.

KIMI training in Tanzania

Different Levels of Worship

A. Praise
1, To bless, to declare, and to express approval
2. To stretch out your hand when somebody does something well
3. To praise God for what He has done.

Below KIMI training in DR Congo


The Beni, DR Congo KIMI leadership training

The Beni, DR Congo KIMI leadership training

B. Worship
1. Is more intimate.
2. Is pouring out love to God for who He is. Words to describe worship are “respect”, “honor”, “be devoted to”, and “adore”.

KIMI Parimaribo Suriname training 2013

Allow no gap in time between sections of the meeting.

As each step concludes, move the children quickly into the next step allow no time for distractions!

Seen here KIMI training in Parimaribo in Suriname

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