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Yolanda Thervil Foundation - Founder Mamie Yol

Founder of the Yolanda Thervil Foundation

Dr Yolanda Thurvil, (Mamie Yol) as she is affectionately called by the girls she has adopted, after retiring, left New York and returned to Haiti to reach out with the resources God had given her to help underprivileged girls.

She is the founder of the Yolanda Thervil Foundation,

United Caribbean Trust (UCT) is delighted to have been had the honour to come alongside this orphanage and help in little ways over the years..

Founder of the Yolanda Thervil Foundation with  Jenny Tryhane Founder of United Caribbean Trust

Seen here with Jenny Tryhane, Founder of UCT with Mama Yol distributing the Make Jesus Smile shoeboxs over a Christmas period.


Mama Yol took her total life savings and invested it in building a beautiful facility/compound for raising orphans and bought a small garment business which she ran to provide daily sustenance for the children.

Bon Repos orphanage
Founder of the Yolanda Thervil Foundation

Unfortunately, the garment business was recently destroyed by the political unrest in the country. UCT is researching the possibility of reestablishing this sewing ministry to generate revenue for the orphanage.

United Missions has over the years partnered with Foundation Yolanda Thervil in Bon Repos

The orphanage has approximately 40 girls who live there now and has a community school that has been meeting for the last few years.

This facility serves as a refuge not only for the girls in the orphanage but also for the people of the community who are members of a beautiful sanctuary that is built on the campus.

 Thervil Foundation with Jenny Tryhane founder of UCT

God has put this ministry on my heart to search for a loving congregation who might want to make a journey with me over to visit and support their ministry.

Mission House

The Mission House provides excellent accommodation for 14 people,located just next door to the orphanage, school and church it is a perfect place for short term mission trips.

Seen here Mama Yol during the January 2010 earthquake, crying out to God to have mercy and spair our lives and keep the orphanage standing.

God answered her prayers and as houses fell all around the complex the orphanage stood dispite severe damage.

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