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United Missions was formed as an official charity in March 2001 after two years of journeying down to Haiti on Missions Trips in response to Godís calling to love and serve His most precious children. Special thanks will always be there not only to our Lord but to Compassion International, Inc. for starting us on this journey of being child advocates.

Bon Repos Orphanage

United Missions is partnering with Foundation Yolanda Thervil in Bon Repos which is a suburb of Port-au-prince, Haiti. The orphanage has approximately 40 girls who live there now and has a new community school that has been meeting for the last few years. This facility serves as a refuge not only for the girls in the orphanage but also for the people of the community who are members of a beautiful sanctuary that is built on the campus.

Cornillion Christian School Ministry

United Missions is partnering with a local Christian church in the village of Cornillon, Haiti which is directly west of Port-au-prince, Haiti and located 3 miles from the Dominican Republic. The school was formed in September of 1999 and has been involved in the construction of a new church/school building for the last 3 years with the hope of completing construction by the end of 2007. There are approximately 300 students who attend the Cornillion Christian School.

Clean Water Ministry

One of the greatest needs in Haiti is access to clean water. Many Christian ministries are involved in well drilling. Due to the challenges of drilling for water in the mountainous regions we have been led to an organization that recently came into Haiti called PSI-Haiti who provides inexpensive water products that can easily be added to purify drinking water. Subsidy programs are being started to insure that every household has access to these products that make drinking water safe.

It is our hope that as we serve the needy in the love of Christ that we honor and glorify God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

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