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Open door list

1. UNFORGIVENESS: List all people from childhood to the present whom you now have or have ever had any unforgiveness or resentment towards (dead or alive).

2. OCCULT: List all dealings you have had with the occult (example: ouija, seance, horoscope, new age, superstition, witchcraft, oaths, santeria, palm reader, roots, etc.)

3. SEXUAL SIN: List all people you have been sexually involved with outside of marriage (example: rape, molestation, incest, homosexual/lesbianism, bestiality, even your spouse if you came together sexually prior to marriage.

4. SOUL TIES: List all people (dead or alive) that have had an ungodly control over you. Also your mother, father, step parents, spouse(s), grandparents, boss, spirit guides, abortions, hypnotist, ex-spouse(s), brothers/sisters (step or half), children (step, adopted, foster), etc., also include names from #3 above, sexual partners.

5. COVENANT, VOWS: List all broken covenants and vows of the past. (marriages, church membership, etc.)

6. PRIDE: List everything you are prideful of: (example: do you feel you have a better marriage than others, a better ministry, a better profession, know more Bible than others).

7. IDOLATRY: List all areas of idolatry. What stands between you and God. (example: spouse, home, job/position, money, children, etc.)

8. UNCONFESSED SIN: List any unconfessed sin (example: you may have been born again ten years ago, but today you told a lie gossiped, or cheated someone). Any unconfessed sin will hinder your deliverance.

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