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Warfare Plus Ministries

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Warfare Plus Ministries is a Christ-centered, multi-faceted ministry that is focused on providing counseling, inner/healing, deliverance and equipping the Body of Christ. Founded by Drs. Paul and Claire Hollis, this ministry has seen thousands set free from every type of bondage, including fear, rejection, anger, depression, addictions, eating disorders, perversion, pornography and more!

The ministry has two distinct missions:

1) deliverance, inner healing, and counseling

2) education.

In 1999, the ministry moved into a new building on Kenyon Ave. in Tampa. The facility was acquired to house the counseling/deliverance ministry which was called New Beginnings Christian Counseling Center. Since that time, other ministries under the Warfare Plus Ministries covering have been birthed.

New Beginnings Fellowship church was inaugurated in the same facility in January, 2001 in response to counselees from the center who had not been attending a church. In January also the ministry acquired land next to the existing building for expansion purposes. Later that same year, Dr. Donald Ibbitson joined the counseling staff as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor in August 2001 and also became the Director of the Warfare Academy.

Beginning in February of 2004, the Healing Rooms of Tampa Bay began ministering out of the facility and offers healing prayer to all who come. Staffed by trained volunteers, this independent ministry is affiliated with the International Association of Healing Rooms out of Spokane, WA.

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