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Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup was first contested in 1975 and has been held every 4 years since.

In the eight tournaments held so far, five teams have won, Australia have been the most successful World Cup team, winning three times. West Indies won the first two tournament while India Pakistan and Sri Lanka have won one each.

Seen here Ireland's cricket captain Trent Johnston, photograph compliments of the Nation News

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This is, of course, a relatively late development in the history of the sport, which has been played in an organized form since the eighteenth century. The first test Match (Australia and England) was played in 1877 and cricket was an Olympic sport in 1900. One day cricket was not played at the professional level until the 1960's

Eight teams participated in the 1975 tournament: Australia, England, the West Indies, Pakistan, India and New Zealand with Sri Lanka and a composite team from East Africa, One notable omission was the South African cricket team who were not competing due to the International sports boycott.

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Compliments of the Nation News

The statue of cricket's greatest player, Sir Garfield Sobers, was rededicated at its new home, the spanking Kensington Oval. Sir Garfield, Prime Minister Owen Arthur and members of his Cabinet, as well as a number of former Test players, were on hand for the hour-long ceremony.

Compliments of the Barbados Nation News

Reverend Wesley Hall, who played cricket with Sir Garfield, described him during a brief address as a great but humble man. "There is not a trace of egotism in his body, but massive strokes of humility," Hall declared. Last year, the statue was moved from the Garfield Sobers Roundabout in Wildey, St Michael, to be a major attraction at the rebuilt Kensington Oval.

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