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Reconciliation Ministries International

Reconciliation Ministries International (EMI) formerly know as Impact Missions, was founded in 1986 by Rev N George Miller and his wife Mrs Hazel Miller. In its formative years, this evangelical organization served a predominately Caucasian population in Britain. As the scope and vision of the ministry changed in response to the multi culture and multi racial needs George encountered among the nations he visited, the name was changed in 1996 to Reconciliation Ministries International. Reflective of its new name, the ministry now serves a collage of races in Africa and the CAribbean and the natives of those areas living in Britain. Rev N George Miller seen here in Barbados at the first Christian Action Team meeting

Seen here putting their hands to the net!

Right to left Earl Griffith, Owen Williams General Secretary Bible Society of the East Caribbean, Rev George Miller of Reconciliation Ministries International, and Paul from the Living Room.


Today, RMI is an interdenominational, evangelistic organization that partners with churches and other Christian groups in order to make disciples and nurture within them the gifts of prayer and intercession. Offering a holistic approach to ministry, RMI's core objectives are:

Preaching the full Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour, Healer and Deliverer;

Showing practical concern for people in need;

Encouraging and equipping the church to meet those needs and encouraging and releasing Christians in all walks of life to fulfil their calling in God.

The RMI umbrella covers several sub-ministries. Among them are:

The Word for Today Caribbean, a quarterly devotional booklet written by Bob and Debbie Gass. RMI was given the sole printing and distributing rights for a CAribbean Edition and printed the first copy in November 2000. We have now joined other regions like Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa, New Zealand and Australia in reading this devotional.

Justice for Children is the brain child of Mrs Hazel Miller and is a charity that works alongside schools and places of safety for children and adults to assist them in providing for the needs of the residents. This assistance encompasses medical supplies and equipment , manpower, financial provisions, recreational equipment nd educational supplies and equipment.

The Prayer Cabinet, is a prayer group that mirrors the government cabinet ( especially within Jamaica) This arm has three chapters - Kingston, Trelawny and St Thomas, they meet separately, whether bi-weekly, monthly or weekly and their only objective is prayer. The members pray for the partners/subscribers, the government ministers and the nation of Jamaica. RMI desires to assist other nations in starting their own prayer cabinets nd is working with Guyana, St Vincent, Barbados, Nevis, Grenada and Trinidad in establishing their own prayer cabinet.

In the same year the new name, Reconciliation Ministries was adoptee, a Caribbean board wa formed, Mrs Jasmine Miller leads the seven member board.

It is our please to introduce the Caribbean Board members to you

Rev Lenworth Anglin B. Th

Lawrence "Laro" Madden

Richardo "Eddie" Hedman

Carmen Hedman

Charmaine E Harrison

Jasmine Miller

Baldwin Powell

Sourced from The Word for Today CAribbean Edition

Below are some of the members of the newly formed CAT's committee (Christian Action Team)

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