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Prayer Warriors International

Prayer is the answer to every care and problem of life.
It puts you in touch with the divine wisdom which knows how
to change everything perfectly.
So often we do not pray
in certain situations, because from our standpoint
the outlook is hopeless.
But nothing is impossible with God;
nothing is so entangled that God cannot untangle it;
no human relationship is too strained for God to bring about
reconcilement and understanding;
no habit is too deep-rooted that it cannot be overcome;
no one is too weak that he or she cannot be strong;
no one is too sick that he or she cannot be healed;
no mind is so dull that it cannot be made brilliant;
Whatever we need, if we trust God, he will supply it;
if anything or anyone is causing you worry, stress or anxiety,
this day you must stop rehearsing your difficulties or problems
and trust God for victory, healing, love and power.


Courtney Selman and Maureen Bravo With members in Barbados, the Caribbean and North America Prayer Warriors International is an interdenominational group of faith believers and caters to the religious and self development of persons, who need physical, mental and spiritual stimulation and/or help.


During May 2004, Prayer Warriors International organized a prayer seminar at the Combermere auditorium. The two feature speakers were the Speaker of the House of Assembly, the Rt. Hon Ishmael Roett, and the late Mr. John Workman, an attorney, who both shared their miraculous experience of healing when Warriors prayed.



Date May 21, 2006 Compliments of the Barbados Nation News

FIVE CHRISTIAN GROUPS have promised to support one another with their respective activities in the island.

They are Courtney Selman, leader of Prayer Warriors International; Patrick Tannis, founder of the Jesus Week programme; James Medford, coordinator of Operation Intercession; Harry Mayers, Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship and coordinator of the June 1 Day of Prayer; Barbara Gittens- Cumberbatch, founder of Christian Fellowship in the Workplace. < Read more >

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