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The Word for Today

Dear Reader/Cricket Lovers

Welcome to the Caribbean and to The Word for Today Caribbean Edition by Bob and Debby Gass

A special welcome to our overseas visitors here fro the ICC World Cup tournament, trust that you will enjoy both the Caribbean and the cricket.

We really want you to feel special. Because you are, we have produced this Cricket Edition of The World for Today - Caribbean Edition just for you. Thousands of people form all walks of life have found the daily readings relevant and thought provoking have received a more positive attitude and approach to everyday living. I am sure this will be your experience too.

Of all the great things and memories you will take back from the Caribbean. don't forget this special cricket edition - our best gift to you.

Whether your team wins or not, this will make you a winner - enjoy!

Yours for the Caribbean

Rev George Miller

President Reconcilliation Ministries International

How do I get a copy of the Word for Today?

Meet the author

I'm happy to hear that the Word for You Today continues to grow in Canada. Eight years ago we printed our first 3,000 copies in Britain. Only God knew how it would grow. This quarter we published approximately 1.5 million copies in 25 different languages. To God be the Glory!

You couldn't have better leaders than my friends Gary and Pam. These gifted people not only have great experience in Christian Radio, they also have the vision and the stick-to-it-iveness to get the job done. You are truly blessed to have them. < Read more >

Jesus Christ 2007 not out!

Had all the great bowlers from Constantine to Bret Lee including Marshall Garner, Larwood, Trueman, Lynwall, Gibbs, Sobers, Walsh, Benaud and Shane Warne done their best, He would still be, 'not out'/

Devils tempted Him and tried to kill Him. Critics and sceptics have hurled accusations against Him, still He stands resolute and unscathed. The French sceptic Voltaire vowed to destroy the Bible and make Christianity a vague memory, yet the very room from which he uttered those words later became the office of a Society sending Bibles all over the world. Ironic or another of those God statements like we see in Jeremiah 44: 28: "You shall know whose word shall stand, mine or theirs".

Men crucified Him, yes. But the real truth is He gave Himself as a sacrifice for our sins to purchase our salvation, Both man and Satan through on Good Friday He was out. On Easter Sunday He rose to prove His is forever not out!

Sourced from The Word for Today Caribbean Edition

'Jesus Christ 2007 not out' t-shirts

The t-shirts are to be worn by the Christian community during the time of world cup as a means of ministry as persons distribute the devotional and as persons go about their day to day life.It is hoped that the Christian community in Barbados and throughout the region would buy into the concept to have the region flooded with the word of God on all fronts.
The design on the shirt is themed around cricket as it depicts a scoreboard with Jesus Christ as the first and last and His glory shining and overshadowing the other "greats" in W.I cricket - hence why their names etc are blurred ( its not about them).

The word of God is also highlighted as the word which is inspired by the Holy Spirit will transform those who read and have the opportunity to hear about Jesus and His love for all!

IJN Designs is a Kingdom Business which celebrates Christianity through the spreading of the Word of God worldwide through uniquely creative, high quality apparel and products. IJN Designs is a beacon of hope; our vision is to ignite the world one person at a time, using the Word of God.

We believe that by the grace of God; many lives will be transformed through reading, hearing and believing in the Word of God.

Robbie Quintyn Director of IJN Designs seen below at the Christian Action Team committee meeting
IJN Designs provides a channel for people of all ages to boldly wear affordable and trendy apparel with life-impacting messages of the salvation, deliverance, freedom, and joy that only Jesus Christ can bring. This revolutionary apparel provides the wearer with opportunities to share their beliefs and testimonies, as well as an avenue to minister the Good News freely to others.

All of IJN Designs products are created to bring glory and honor to God, in the name of His Son Jesus.


Part of all proceeds from sale of this shirt will go towards Rev George Millar in assisting him in offsetting the cost of printing the devotionals The Word for Today Devotional

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