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The Guyana Citizens Initiative Press Releases

- February 4, 2005

Photo compliments of the  Guyana Citizens” Initiative for Flood Relief,(GCIFR)

With many areas remaining flooded and the fact that a “basin” effect has occurred in many villages and much of the water is unlikely to dissipate in the near future, the health risks to persons in these areas will progressively increase. It should also be noted that the health risks will not vanish when the water recedes but will change from essentially being water-borne illnesses to vector-borne illnesses. (Seen here a dead cow being eaten by a hungry dog!) < Read more >
Photo compliments of the  Guyana Citizens” Initiative for Flood Relief,(GCIFR)

Citizens' Initiative urges help for people willing to leave flooded areas
6th February, 2005

Photographs compliments of Major Mike Charles

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The Guyana Citizens Initiative shares the concern of President Jagdeo over the slow pace of the post-flood clean-up on the East Coast and welcomes his intervention. The displeasure of citizens that great mounds of garbage can still be found in villages over most of the affected areas is entirely justified. Animals and further rains risk much of this waste finding its way back into trenches and drains. However, the GCI is disappointed at the wooden reaction of the Civil Defense Commission to the Presidential expressions of concern rather than seize them as an opportunity to promote sustainable solutions to East Coast sanitation problems. < Read more > Photo compliments of the  Guyana Citizens” Initiative for Flood Relief,(GCIFR)

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The Guyana Citizens Initiative for Flood Relief (GCIFR) and the Guyana Association of Professional Social Workers (GAPSW) have joined hands to conduct a detailed socio-economic and psychological impact survey of the now three-week old flood, which has been caused by un-seasonal and very high rainfall last month.

Coordinator of the survey group, Dr Desrey Caesar-Fox said the 10-member core-team has already examined the proposed methodology and has been refining the assessment forms.

Dr Fox said the results of study would be used to determine the type of counseling that might be needed as well as determining the medium to long-term measures that might be required for future similar disasters.

"It is really important because I think we need to have that recorded so that they can advise future decisions at a policy level and you must have this kind of information to feed into the type of decisions that are very necessary," Dr Caesar-Fox said.

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