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Guyana Damage Assessment

United Caribbean Trust's Initiatives of Empowerment have been considered for continuation by the Government of the Tri Island State of Grenada and is being discussed by the government of Barbados.

Caribbean School TwinningThe Schools Twinning Educational Empowerment programme has been designed to create, establish and encourage, linkages between the schools of Grenada, Barbados and Guyana, expanding exponentially to enjoy the camaraderie resulting from a global network. Schools interested and available for twinning have been located in a number of countries, including:

• Barbados;
• Grenada/Carriacou;
• Guyana;
• Haiti;
• Malawi;
• England;
• United States of America;
• Canada

The benefits to be gained for participating schools include:

• the opportunity for lending compassionate support to recovering students of similar age and gender;
• the opportunity to assist in humanitarian relief efforts throughout the Caribbean through initiatives such as the ‘Baby Survival Kit’;
• the learning experience of a cultural exchange of information on respective countries;
• the opportunity to form long-lasting friendships via Internet and airmail;
• the exchange of ideas, opinions and “a glimpse” at the lifestyle of another child;
• the opportunity for exposure to alternative working teaching methods, aids and languages;
• the opportunity for schools to obtain or exchange equipment, books and visit each other’s websites with the compliments of the United Caribbean Trust’ website
• The opportunity to visit other islands, staying in Youth Hostel facilities provided at the United Caribbean Headquarters

  Make Jesus Smile C. A. TCaribbean Children's Prayer Network Africa Appeal - Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe Help Haiti

Women Reaching OutUnited Caribbean Trust (UCT) exists to organize & concentrate the efforts of various organizations including the schools, churches, Youth Groups, Women’s Associations and NGOs to assist Caribbean territories in their empowerment, preparation and relief distribution efforts in the face of disasters.

UCT is currently working in collaboration with the Baby Survival Kit Foundation to meet the immediate needs of mothers who are desperately in need of aid for themselves and particularly their children. The ‘Baby Survival Kit Foundation’ (BSK) serves to ensure that donated items such as clothing and linens, coupled with wholesale food items are well organized before they are sent to the disaster area, so that distribution will be easy, direct, and fair. This system allows maximum efficiency for both donated items and funds to stretch to more infants.

It is our vision to incorporate the packing of these survival kits into schools where students from Barbados and other islands would contribute donated baby items and the children of Guyana could be trained to pack the kits for the babies of this country and other Caribbean islands affected by natural disaster.

St Stanislaus College.This is a wonderful empowering concept and the UCT is seeking permission from the Ministry of Education to start this project in St Stanislaus College. Following discussion with Ms. Ester Magarrel, the Principle and a teacher at the College they both voiced an interest in starting the project as soon as permission could be obtained from the Educational Authority. This pilot project could then be incorporated into other schools with the cooperation of teachers and volunteers.

Marian AcademyFollowing a meeting with the Roman Catholic Bishop of Georgetown Francis Alleyne OSB it was recommended that the Marian Academy might be incorporated into the project. UCT is working in association with the Guyana Citizens Initiative for Flood Relief and relies on their data and research to identify the need within the most damaged community.

UCT is working with local churches to ensure a follow up programme following distribution.


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