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The WISH Centre a Women and Infant Special Help Centre
Marian Academy
Georgetown Roman Catholic cathedral A meeting with the Bishop of Georgetown His Excellency Francis Alleyne OSB was very encouraging and supportive of the concept of the Baby Survival Kits and encouraged a meeting with Mrs Elaine Thomas of the Family Life Commission.
The concept of a Caribbean hub being created in Guyana for the collection of baby cloths and items needed for the kit that would be stored and sorted by the churches and the students of the Marian Academy prompted a meeting with Sister Barbara an Urceline nun.
Mr. Patrick McAndrew from the GCIFR and Sister Barbarah This meeting was staged at the St Joseph convent and Mr. Patrick McAndrew from the GCIFR was present. He is an ex Marian Academy student and prepared to train the student in disaster mitigation and incorporating the Baby Survival Kit into the Academy following permission by Sister Marie who will be returning from her sabbatical shortly.
Permission requested to use information from the Marian Academy website

The Roman Catholic Church in Guyana has had a long history of quality service. The Ursuline and Mercy Sisters, the Jesuits and the Diocese have owned and directed schools of academic excellence and high moral and social quality for more than a hundred and forty years. In 1976, the government took complete control of all education in Guyana, including scores of Catholic owned and administered schools. In recent years there has been a policy shift and in response to a strong demand and support from a wide cross section of society far broader than the Roman Catholic community, Marian Academy opened its doors on September14, 1998 in rented premises on Carifesta Avenue, with 227 students. So swift has been our progress since then that in January 2001 we moved into our own fine new premises on Carifesta Avenue , with an enrolment of 453 students and 37 staff. At that stage expenditure on the constructed primary and nursery school facilities, central administration block, assembly hall etc., was G$142 million, with an additional G$85 million estimated for the construction of the secondary school classrooms and other facilities.

An active PTA has already been established. The Board of Governors, comprising members of the Ursuline and Jesuit Orders and their nominees as well as other educators, parents and representatives of the PTA, meets monthly.

Despite the financial sacrifices implied for parents, the school administration and the local community, Marian Academy has already implemented one of its priority goals of making sound moral and quality education accessible to a significant number of underprivileged children through financial assistance and scholarships.


The aims of the Academy are to:

Develop in the school community concern and respect for the welfare of others, with specific attention to interpersonal relationships based on sensitivity, tolerance, cultural and racial respect and harmony, and goodwill.

Provide the context for quality coeducational learning from the ages of 3 years 9 months to the completion of secondary school to Guyanese children and to children of Caribbean and other persons working and living in Guyana .

Facilitate the total development of each individual by giving due attention to intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, ?emotional and moral dimensions.

Provide children with a safe and happy environment in which to grow and develop to the best of their potential, so that they become self reliant and self-disciplined, interested and motivated in learning, and caring towards others, especially to those in need.

Produce good citizens capable of taking their place in life and responding maturely to responsibility. This includes self-discipline, the exercise of initiative and concern for others expressed in good manners and in a spirit of generosity and service.

Encourage the highest academic standards and to ensure that students of the Academy develop the skill of critical thinking through a curriculum that is flexible, relevant and meaningful to students at different stages of development.

Develop a body of professional, adequately remunerated, motivated and exemplary staff committed to the ideals of the Academy and dedicated to the service of the students and their full development.

The Objectives of the Curriculum are to:
Stimulate intellectual curiosity and develop students' interest in learning.

Encourage clear thinking and informed decision making.

Develop problem-solving skills.

Recognize and encourage different kinds and degrees of talent.

Foster development and enjoyment of all means of communication - oral, written and visual.

Information compliments of the Marian Academy website

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