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In the Spirit -

In the Spirit - The Holy Spirit

“The Holy Spirit”

This is a decorative painting depicting the Holy Spirit as a dove. The wavy lines in the border are reminiscent of running or “living” water.

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“A Spiritual Journey”

This painting depicts the spiritual journey we are on. The road leads into the Sun. The Son represents Jesus – by a play on the words “sun” and “son”. The rays represent God’s Glory.

“A Spiritual Journey”

The Holy Spirit is depicted by a simple dove. The Holy Spirit is the Person of the Godhead who leads us on our daily Christian walk.

The surrounding decorative border of the painting is flowing water – which is another type of the Holy Spirit.

The water is “living” as it is able to support life, as can be seen by the fish symbol in the water. It speaks of fruitfulness and abundance. The fish symbol was also used by the early Christians.

“Mourning”   “Joy comes in the Morning”


This painting was painted at a very trying time in my life. I wept just as this flower is… with its head hung over… Sometimes the tears were not in my eyes, but they were in my heart.


“Joy comes in the Morning”

This is the companion piece to “Mourning”. It is the season of celebration and joy that comes after victoriously making it through the difficult times… just as the flower dances with joy!


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