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Africa Training Bible School - Sukuma tribe

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In the Chunya Africa Training Bible School Center (ATBS) Apostle David is training the untrained pastors from theSukuma tribes these tribes are un reached tribes according to Joshua projects and the ATBS Chunya Center is very vital in the area.

The Sukuma are a Bantu ethnic group inhabiting the southeastern African Great Lakes region. They are the largest ethnic group in Tanzania, with an estimated 5.5 million members or 16 percent of the country's total population. Sukuma means "north" and refers to "people of the north." The Sukuma refer to themselves as Basukuma (plural) and Nsukuma (singular). They speak Sukuma, which belongs to the Bantu branch of the Niger-Congo family.

The Sukuma are a Bantu ethnic group

Information sourced from wikipedia.org

It is estimated that of the 7.2 billion people alive in the world today, 3.0 billion of them live in unreached people groups with little or no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

According to Joshua Project, there are approximately 16,300 unique people groups in the world with about ,6500 of them considered unreached including the Sukuma tribe.

The vast majority (95%) of these least reached groups exist in the 10/40 window and less than 10% of missionary work is done among these people.

Most of the Sukuma people are subsistence farmers and cattle herders with sweet potatoes and millet as staple food. The main cash crops are cotton and tobacco. The majority of Sukuma people practice and are deeply rooted in animism. Every area of life, from naming their children to planting crops, is affected by their belief in the ancestral and other spirits. The Sukuma are presently about 42% Christian, and that number has been growing significantly in recent years. However, there is still a lot of syncretism with animism in Christianity. The Sukuma people in rural areas are especially poor, but they are able to meet their own subsistence needs. However, when drought comes to this dry savannah region, as it has recently, this area is hit especially hard.

The Sukuma also have a spiritual need – to be freed from the bondage and fear of spirit beings. Much of a Sukuma animist's life and resources is spent for the ancestor spirits and other spirit beings, because they are deathly afraid of them.

Information sourced from joshuaproject.net

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