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Africa Training Bible School -

Africa Training Bible School empowering African pastors from Tanzania Malawi Zambia DR Congo and Uganda
The African Training Bible School

The African Training Bible School now has over 280 churches within its network and is excited about working with Stonecroft to get their Bible Studies into their churches and local communities.


The Pastor within ATBS are always delighted when they receive any books or resource material.

They have been busy translating the Stonecroft Bible Study material into Swahili. They are excited about working with Stonecroft to get their curriculum into their 280 churches throughout Africa.



African Discipleship Model proving that it is necessary to Divide to Multiply and Multiplication is better than Addition!

1. The African model will be introduced first into Tanzania through the Africa Training Bible School. (ATBS) The initial aim is to train Stonecroft Bible Study Guides. By using the training video and the Africa Bible Study Handbook we will give direction to the present Pastors attending the ATBS – Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, DR Congo and eventually Uganda. These Pastors will become the first Stonecroft Guides in Tanzania - God willing. They will each be given one Stonecroft Guidebook and Stonecroft Bible Study Books in the Trinity series. Initially 10 ‘Who is Jesus?’, then 10 ‘What is God like?’ and finally 10 ‘Where is the Holy Spirit?’ as well as the Bible Handbooks that compliment this series in case their women at the church do not have a Bible.

2. The Pastors will take this information back to their church in their village and identify 1 key woman, maybe the leader of the Women’s Ministry. Using this training video and the Stonecroft Africa Handbook, having been translated into Swahili, will train the first local Church Guide. The Pastor will then become a Coordinator to oversee her.

3. This new guide will be given a Stonecroft Guidebook and 10 Stonecroft ‘Who is Jesus?’ Bible Study Books all translated into her native language and 10 Bible Handbooks and she will identify 5 key women within her church, with guide potential, to begin the series.

Each of these 5 potential guides can bring along 1 friend, ideally their Prayer Partner, to the Bible Study. Once the ‘Who is Jesus?’ Bible Study is completed she will train the 5 key women to become the third generation Stonecroft Guides, using this training video and the Africa Stonecroft Bible Study Handbook.

4. She will become a Coordinator to oversee these 5 new guides.

5. The Pastor will become the Consulting Coordinator supervising the process.

6. Each of these 5 new guides, along with their Prayer partners, will identify 1 more key person from within her church or village and 1 other key person, with Guide potential, from another church, of course with their Pastors authorization.

7. Together these 4 women will encourage unbelievers to join the new Bible Study a maximum of 2 each. Remember Bible Studies should be ideally no more than 10 women.

8. Once the ‘Who is Jesus?’ Bible Study is completed she will train the 2 key women, (one from her church and 1 from another church) to become fourth generation Stonecroft Guides. Her Prayer Partner now will remain with her to Disciple this class in further Bible Studies within the Trinity series initially.

9. The process is then duplicated within the other church that had been introduced into the program.

10. If there are any questions that the Guide cannot answer she refers to her Coordinator who will initially be the Pastor.

11. As time progresses further Coordinators will be trained as the network widens, a further video will cater to Coordinator training.

12. Remember - Divide to Multiply!

13. Multiplication is better than addition!

‘Be alert, stand firm in the faith, be brave, be strong. Do all your work in love’
1 Corinthians 16: 13 – 14

Under the leadership of Apostle David Akondowi ATBS has been led into a variety of projects including the Moringa program.

A new 22 week Moringa children's curriculum has been established and this has been introduced into a school in Malawi as a pilot project.

We are hoping soon, subject to permission from Stonecroft to introduce a youth version of their Bible Studies for the senior girls in the school and to the teens within the ATBS church family.

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