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ATBS - Cow Donations - US $400/cow

Cattle are an increasingly important resource in Africa as sustainable sources of food, milk, traction and manure. With its human population growing and the economy and subsequent wealth predicted to expand greatly, there will also be a huge increase in demand for livestock.

Years ago UCT was able to enable ATBS to purchase a 12 acre farm which for years has been used to produce corn to help feed the Pastors that come to the Bible School.

More recently we have been considering expanding into Animal Husbandary and cows and GOATS have been selected for this new project, quickly expanding to RABBITS

The land runs down to a river along the boundary and will be  extremely helpful when we start our animal farming.

US $400 will enable our team in Tanzania to purchase a pregnant cow.

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Land has been cleared in preparation for planting Moringa for animal fodder. Moringa being an excellent source of nutrition for cows, goats and rabbits.

A young man from the church has been allocated to care for the animals and work is begining to establish housing to facilitate them.

The high protein content of Moringa leaves must be balanced with other energy food.

Cattle feed consisting of 50% Moringa leaves should be mixed with molasses, sugar cane, sweet (young) sorghum plants, or whatever else is locally available.

Care must be taken to avoid excessive protein intake.

Cattle were fed 15-17 kg of Moringa daily. Milking should be done at least three hours after feeding to avoid the grassy taste of Moringa in the milk.

With Moringa feed, milk production was 10 liters/day.

Without Moringa feed, milk production was 7 liters/day.

With moringa feed, daily weight gain of beef cattle was 1,200 grams/day.

Without Moringa feed, daily weight gain of beef cattle was 900 grams/day.

The higher birth weight (3-5 kg) can be problematic for small cattle. It may be advisable to induce birth 10 days prematurely to avoid problems.

Incidence of twin births also increased dramatically with moringa feed: 3 per 20 births as opposed to the usual average of 1:1000.

Information sourced from www.nairaland.com

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