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This Means WAR, Click to purchase online
  • Can Christians be Demon Possesed? - The shocking answer revealed.
  • Is you Illness demonic? - Find out and be healed
  • How You Can be Totally FREE from Depression (Without drugs) Forever!
  • Curses - Learn To Discern and Cancer the Curse
  • How 'Ungodly Soul Ties" Can Destroy Your Life and How to Break Them.

This book brings the war to the enemy.

Paul and Claire Hollis are called into deliverance minsitry and have declared war on satan's kingdom. Sadly there are thousands, perhaps millions, of wonded. battered Christians who don't even know they are in a battle.

They have a calling to teach the church how to:

  • Identify their enemy
  • Learn his tactics
  • Successfully use their weapons of warfare

Their goal is to:

  • Set captives free through deliverance
  • United the body of Christ
  • Ter down the devil's kingdom


Order an Audio CD version it gives you a complete understanding of deliverance and what the Bible teaches concerning it. It will take you through a step by step process to eliminate any demonic strongholds within your own life. See if you can identify with some of the actual case histories of these true accounts. '
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