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We are delighted to be able to offer this excellent Spirtual Warfare teaching developed by the late Drs. Paul Hollis and his wife Dr. Claire the founders of Living Free Ministries.

Living Free Minisgtries is a multi-faceted ministry focused on the advancement of God's kingdom here on Earth. We do so by preaching salvation through the gospel of Jesus Christ, setting the captive free from the enemy through deliverance, and training believers how to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Freedom from Strongholds
Can a born again Christian have demonic strongholds? The answer is yes, absolutely.

Strongholds can have a grip on any of us. Whether it is an addiction, anger, telling lies, lust or secret sin, or any of a number of other strongholds, the truth is that these block us from coming into the fullness of what God has to offer us, and from the calling that He has placed on our lives. Click on any of the specific strongholds below to learn more about how you can be set free today! Deliverance really does work!

"Can a Christian have a demon?"
One of the most frequently asked questions by Christians about deliverance ministry is if a Christian can have a demonic stronghold. They are really asking if a Christian can have a demon, just like we see how many people were afflicted in the bible. The answer to this question is absolutely yes, a Christian can have a demon.

It may be more accurate to ask, however, “Can a demon have a Christian?” We are also asked many times if a Christian can be possessed. There’s a big difference between possession and oppression. This can be better explained as we understand and properly divide the Word of God.

Man is a trichotomy: spirit, soul and body LEARN MORE

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