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Youth Discipleship Training - OSL History in Barbados

The History of Operation Solid Lives in Mount Zion's Missions Barbados FourSquare Church


In April 2018, Mount Zion's Mission (MZM) had a team of anointed men and women from Four Square visit Barbados to share an awesome discipleship training project . This has been a life changing and impactful training for our entire church; the leaders were given the initial training by Pastors John and Debbie Booker and Pastors Harlyn and Jeri Matsen. Their team also were there to assist them in this powerful program and started us off.


MZM Leadership OSL Training

Mount Zion Missions is well known for recognizing when God is pointing us in a new direction for elevation and we strive to achieve all that God has ordained for us. This was a God idea, the leaders went through Level 1 and then we introduced it to our entire membership in the period of September- October. We were excited to do the SOAPs listen to The audio and be in class for the teaching. Every leader testified how their personal spirituality had changed and then their passion for ministry increased.

MZM General membership OSL Training

The General membership also shifted in their personal walk with God because of this training and they had to desire to be in ministry and serve in various areas in the church.

Our church had a paradigm shift in the way we conduct out daily spiritual and physical lives and emboldened us to be faithful witnesses to the unchurched. We graduated over 80 persons in October and we are looking forward to Level 2. This discipleship is so profound that a decision was made to implement this for all new converts and new church members as a prerequisite for church membership.

Youth Discipleship OSL Training

We utilized the excellent teachings of Pastor Jerry Dirmann that we were exposed to in OSL and this idea to create a youth discipleship. This was initiated and formulated by Evangelist Jenny Tryhane.

The two age ranges:

  • 11 years - 13 years Juniors
  • 14 years to 18 years PLUS Seniors.

We have added complimentary PowerPoints and notes to assist with using the PowerPoint, so as the youth listen to the audio, the PP shows graphics, Bible Verses using the NKJV and statements from Pastor Jerry teaching. The PP is not designed to stand on its own but to compliment the audio teaching.

This teaching may be too excessive for the 11 – 13 years olds, so the audio’s have been split into two, all audio’s can be downloaded from the website.

For the smaller youth we have incorporated Kids in Ministry International pattern of ministry, of which Evangelist Jenny is a qualified International trainer but substituted the teaching section with parts of the OSL teaching.

This would be a 1 1/2 hour children/youth service.

For the older students it simply goes into the teaching following a short praise and worship session and wraps up with prayer.

The SOAP follows the exact pattern but each week we gleaned Bible readings from Pastor Jerry's audio teaching and included that in the 7 day SOAP homework, instead of following the calender version as we did.

It helps reinforce the teaching they heard the week before and leads into the next teaching.

We have also incorporated OSL as part of our curriculum in our Bible Institute especially for those who desire to be in ministry.

We believe that this OSL program has greatly benefited our church, persons who were not strong in bible studies or disciplined in their Faith has changed and we have seen growth. Many thanks to Pastor Dirmann for being a vessel used by the Master and Pastors John , Debbie, Harlyn and Jeri for facilitating us in Barbados.

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