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CARRIACOU - Dover Government School

A warm welcome from the principle Mrs Mc'Donald.

Books being unpacked following Ivan


Water damage
Terrance Mc'Clarance reading his poem about hurricane Janet almost 50 years ago.

Poetry, art and music form an integral part of the culture of Carriacou and these can all be used to raise funds to help this self reliant island to rebuild and support the mother island of Grenada.

Almost 40 students are expected to be relocated from Grenada, help is needed in this process.


1. Sporting equipments

2. Markers & crayons

3. Posters & charts

4. Maps of the Caribbean

5. Educational games & CD's

6. Educational puzzles

7. Story books

8. Calculators

9. Paper Scissors

10. Glue & tape


As a disaster shelter

1. Flashlights

2. Radio

3. Lanterns

4. First Aid Kit

Things in need of repair

1. Roofing

2. Windows

3. Toilet

4. Electrical wiring

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