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CARRIACOU - schools

Harvey Vale Primary

Harvey Vale Primary overlooking the beautiful Tyrell Bay. The principal Ms. Cleopatra Labart kindly showed us around her delightful school, starting with the primary class.
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What a joy to meet these lovely children, what a privilege to be in a position to try and help them as they face an influx of an additional 30 pupils from their sister island Grenada.


1. Furniture - 50 chairs and tables
2. Chalk board paint
3. Food items for our School Feeding Program
4. Bristol board and markers -all colours
5. Sponges for bed - foam
6. Used toys

Our intermediate List
1. Refurbishment of school building
2. Proper toilet facilities

Our long term list
1. Fencing of school property
2. Computer lab with about 10 computers

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