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Carriacou holiday

Carriacou watersports holidays Carriacou sailing catamaran Grenadines cruising Carriacou diving  Carriacou ecotourism holidays Carriacou hiking in Mabouya birdwatching

Carriacou the perfect little escape. Enjoy a stroll along the county lanes...or be invigorated with a strenuous hike up into the hills. Carriacou is an island where it is still safe to walk into these lovely hills and enjoy magnificent views of the bay.

All holidays booked will benefit the United Caribbean Trust, to assist with the rebuilding of the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.



United Caribbean is seeking UK tour operators to take these special twin island packages and promote them, enabling the growth of tourism within Carriacou but also the fund raising benifits that are associated with the holiday packages.

Carriacou was named 'land of reefs' by the Caribs, originally spelt Kayryouacou, in the seventeenth century.

The French were the first Europeans to settle and were soon joined by English and Scottish settlers. The inhabitants of Carriacou are a proud and independent people, many of them of Scottish and African descent and they are a warm, friendly people.

Festivals and music are vital to these vibrant folk and the Big Drum Dance is an African tradition, originally performed on special occasions.
The English custom of dancing the Maypole still plays a part on May Day celebrations.

The Parang Festival is held just before Christmas and is a great excuse for dancing in the street, eating great food and meeting wonderful, friendly people.



Carriacou is the largest island at the end of the Grenadines chain, best known for the thriving boat building trade established there in the early 19th century.

Hillsborough's four day Sailing Regatta is held during the first week of August. It is much more than a sailing regatta and visitors come from far and wide to enjoy the water and land based sports, street parties, cultural events and calypso.

Enjoy the outlying tiny islands or take a trip across the bay to Mabouya Island a hiking paradise.

Sail to one of the nearby Grenadine islands or scuba dive in clean, clear protected marine park waters

Carriacou watersports holidays Carriacou sailing catamaran Grenadines cruising Carriacou diving  Carriacou ecotourism holidays Carriacou hiking in Mabouya birdwatching

Sports tourism.

A year round celebration of the glorious game of cricket!

Imagine a cricket package designed to suit your team's requirements.

Carriacou cricket team

All Caribbean 'Under 19' Cricket Carnival Tours are linked with interesting educational packages. Areas covered within the week can include visits to several areas of historical interest.
The Caribbean has a fascinating history and Carriacou is no exception. A visit to the museum is offered early in the trip. Lectures can be arranged with experts in the fields of boat building, folklore, poetry, music, art and culture.

The historical tour can also include a trip to the Windward side of the island where boat-building, an ancient art brought to the island by the Scots, is still practised. It is an opportunity to see first-hand wood craftsmen at work creating the traditional ketches, a skill long since lost in most parts of the world.
Carriacou boatbuilding
White Island

You can also experience the thrill of sailing in one of these beautiful boats

. Enjoy a trip over to uninhabited White Island, for an afternoon of snorkelling, swimming and exploring.

There is a srong emphasis on marine conservation and the opportunity shouldn't be missed of going snorkelling on one of the sunken wrecks, or taking a Resort dive, where you learn to scuba dive in the clean, clear waters of Tyrell Bay. Experts will enjoy exploring! Carriacou yacht club
All watersports activities focus on conservation and we work closely with the Carriacou Environmental Committee. It is the Committee's desire that youth visiting the island are educated about the need to sustain Carriacou's pristine environment through good marine, forestry and social practices and projects.

Ecotourism activities include excursions to the High North Nature Reserve and guided tours into the hills and forests.
This area of Carriacou is a wonderful place for hiking and birdwatching.

Other ecotourism activities include whale and dolphin watching as well as Hawksbill and Leatherback turtle tagging and monitoring.

Tyrell bay provides a great location for watersports, including dingy sailing around the bay, kayaking around the Oyster beds, taking a small craft for the day to one of the beautiful little islands or motoring over to Mabouya to enjoy a 'Castaway' experience, hiking and animal spotting.

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