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CARRIACOU - school

L'Esterre Secondary School

L'Esterre Secondary School is the only official hurricane shelter on the island.

Mr. Lional Steel the principle is concerned but the condition of the windows and lack of storm shutters.

Additional information to be added.

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Mr Steel informs us that 10 additional pupils could possible be housed in an already crowded school. Help is needed and a wish list is being compiled.
This is a Roman Catholic school and we are seeking help from the Barbados Roman Catholic churches to help with this school and with the help needed to repair the presbretary. Below a poem by Neeland, thank you for allowing us to share this with the world.
Happy faces the children of Carriacou Happy Faces will bring you joy but

Sad faces will stir the sour in our hearts. A child caring for a child in Soubise destroyed in hurricane Ivan

Listen carefully and you’ll hear,
Their little voices saying,
“Must there be a tomorrow,
For all the pain and sorrow why
Must today be the same as yesterday?”
Soubise on the east coast of Grenada
25 living in this shelter If you think we don’t see,
The things of today,
Why don’t you show us the way!
There are things we don’t know,
That can be confusing,
as small as it seems!

If you teach us a few things,
So that we mightn’t stumble on our way,
Then it would be a joy,
Each and every day!

Don’t take away the honey,
That can be given today cause
Tomorrow you’ll have all the sour,
Of yesterday!

Copyright ©  2004 Neeland Rennie

The children of the Caribbean need your help. United Caribbean is trying to help

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