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CARRIACOU - 'School Feeding Programme'

Ras Engine spoke at length of the potential for supplementing the Schools Feeding Programme, and indicated that students could come and learn the agro processes as an outreach from his community. (Photographs to be added shortly, wet cloudy weather has hampered out photo documentation)

He spoke of three men pulling ten thousand weeds vs teams of youth pulling ten each, and what he was saying made such sense as these activities would also instill a sense of respect for the land in growing youth, a self-confidence and knowledge for the future.

We also looked at his suggestion as an alternative therapy, as people, especially children, have been traumatized by the storm would have a sense of security knowing they were not dependent on imports or handouts for a healthy meal. The potential for growing food is an opportunity for Carriacou to recover from the storm damages, and a bigger opportunity for Grenadians, currently plagued by food shortages.

We`also discussed the opportunity for the "Carinuts project"; to explore the potential for new markets, with teams visiting from neighboring islands to determine niches to be filled.

I was yawning to the beautiful dawning,
When I heard someone calling.
I look and it was a child,
Whose mother hadn’t the right financing
For his up-brining was a child,
Weak and Starving,
Yearning for life’s teaching!
People scorned him while
I took him in, but
He stole from me and I laughed cause
I knew this wasn’t what he wanted to be.

“A thief in society,”
I told him, even I was brought up
In the same misery.

Never grabbing everything I see,
I always try to work honestly.
Many times men played,
Tricks on me and,
For that, I slept with my stomach empty.

He asked,
“What did these men came to be,”
I said, “Poor and living in poverty.”
The same misery
Came to be their morning cup of tea.

Copyright ©  2004 Neeland 

Poem by Neeland Rennie, thank you for allowing us to share this with the world.


The children of Soubise need your help, hundreds of children from Grenada will be relocated to classrooms in Carriacou.

Help us help them.


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