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Kim's Art Catalogue - Intercession

“Tears for Sudan”

This is a painting of intercession depicting God’s Heart towards Sudan. There is a giant tear dropping from God’s Face to encapsulate the nation of Sudan.

The bottom centre shows a line of slaves in a chain gang. Slavery still exists in Sudan today.

The bottom left and right corners show the flames of hell and adversity.

The panels on the left and right borders of the painting show the chains of oppression in this nation. However, when the Holy Spirit (dove) comes in, the chains are broken, and there is FREEDOM. God’s Glory is shown in the light surrounding the dove.

The red hearts in the top centre of the border are the hearts of flesh, representing the hearts of the people. The “key” is that God knows the key to unlock the things in our hearts that keep us in spiritual and emotional bondage.

I believe God is bringing a POSITIVE CHANGE to this nation, and one day, this nation will be FREE in every aspect.

“Lord, spare us!”

This painting shows an aerial view of a hurricane. A very small symbol of man is in one of the swirls of cloud. This shows the smallness of man in the fury of a hurricane. Man in his own strength can do nothing to stop the hurricane or prevent its damage. Man is dependent on God to spare him from these natural disasters.

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