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When I feel good,
really good,
it is Your Goodness
shining through me.
You have a way
of making everything
So that I can feel PURE joy,
And PURE happiness.
It is a feeling
that uplifts my spirit through Yours.
If only
I could remain
In this state of goodness

But that is not possible
on Earth.


You are amazing!

You are the only CONSTANT
in our lives.
Our only real security.

We all crave
for security.
The warmth of a
mother’s arms.
A house and a car
fully paid for.
A bank account
with healthy figures
steadily growing.
Insurance –
for life,
and for every other
conceivable earthly loss.

Why are we so afraid?
Why is the physical, tangible World
more REAL than Your Spiritual World?
Why do we have this need
for perpetual control?

You are here.
Solid. Strong.
An invisible Being.
breathing Life
into our souls.
We live because
You live.
are the only CONSTANT
in our Universe.

The earth quakes,
buildings fall,
people scream in pain.
We have no control.

Our lives are full of change.
Everything changes.
Where we live. Who we meet.
In the daily cycle of Life –
everything moves.
But You never change!
You are our only security.
It is a matter of Believing.
Faith. And Trust.

We have to believe –
… that You are with us
every moment we live.
…that we can call upon You
at any time.
… that You LISTEN to our prayers,
our thoughts, our dreams.
…that You will answer our needs
through Your Presence in other people.
…that You will give us
Eternal Life.

How hard it is for us to “let go”.
To stop clutching that insurance policy
or hard cash.
And to live for a Promise –
of Eternity in Fellowship with You.

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