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Lord –
cleanse me!
Take away the dirt, the grime,
and the filth,
that lies in my Heart!
The anger, the pain, the hatred,
any shred of Evil
which prevents me
from having
a Body full of Light!

I want your Purity,
Your Peace, Your Joy…
Your Rest.

I want to cease
my weary struggle
through this World.
Take away my fears,
anxieties, stress, and fruitless thoughts,
so that I may be FREE…
to walk lightly…
listen cheerfully…
smile happily…
to enjoy the birth
of every new day.

I give to You
my burden.
I know You
will take it.
And it will evaporate
into nothing –
not even air.

What a Joy it is
to be FREE!
What Peace!
What Contentment!
The Blessing is great!
It’s no wonder
that anyone who has been touched
by Your Holy Spirit
wants to share
Your Gift!

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