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Who do you want to be tomorrow?

Now you can choose. This is an offer of an adventure, and a whole new life. Over time, we will help you to:

· Gain the power you need to solve your worst problems

· Discover a new lifestyle of freedom, free from the burdens and limitations of being locked into traditional church
programs that drain off your energies

· Acquire a razor-sharp sense of purpose and direction

· Become the kind of person you've always put on a pedestal, the kind you thought you'd never be

· Get a new self-image as you discover freedom from the ecclesiastical hierarchies, structures, and status systems that keep Christians penned in

· Conquer your worst long-term habits (usually known as sins) and start to experience the peace that springs from a healthy and holy life

· Gather around yourself a group of close friends who are strongly committed to your spiritual growth and you are to theirs

· Find true teamwork in a small circle marked by open participation, loyalty, accountability, and intimate friendships

· Learn how to be a minister, serving others your way, using your God-given gifts

· Remake your home into a model of harmony, happiness, and respect

· Join the exciting adventure of the life-and-death struggle to transform the entire world

· Experience the overwhelming presence of God on a regular basis.

Until recently, accomplishing all this would have been pretty unlikely. Now it's not.

It's Time for You to Take a Step Up

A new, greatly improved Christianity has burst on the scene and is rapidly sweeping away other religions. Islam is doomed, Hinduism is failing, and Humanism is on the ropes.

You're a lucky dog!

You're living in the biggest shift in human power and status since the cross . . . and the biggest change in Christianity since the church collapsed into an audience under Emperor Constantine in A.D. 313.

The change is having a larger impact than the reformation of doctrine begun through Luther in 1517, which itself was absolutely essential for any progress of the church.

It is also larger than the Great Awakenings (1727 onward), the wonderful revivals of spirituality in Europe and America in which God used men like Wesley, Whitefield, the Moravians, and Jonathan Edwards to warm the hearts of God's people and lead them to a deeper walk of personal faith.

The current shift amounts to a AThird Reformation, an era-ending transformation of the church and her people. Three main signposts:

· The church is morphing from an organization into an organism. After 1700 years of top-down, institutional structures, we are quickly becoming the body of Christ in a more New Testament sense. We are starting to recover our original form and functions. We are rapidly figuring out what to do with apostles, prophets, pastors, elders, and Christians with hundreds of varieties of giftings.

In the open Christianity movement (that primarily means house churches), we've cleaned up our act. We've gotten rid of the "draggy" stuff, the sermons, programs, hierarchies, committees, buildings, and salaried pastors, none of which are in the Bible anyway. It's a long-overdue step up from Protestantism, though our basic beliefs all remain the same.

· The participant base of the church, the number of believers taking active roles, has expanded by a factor of perhaps 100 (from one "pack mule", pastor to everybody pitching in). In many places, the grandstands are emptying as church members surge onto the playing field. As a result, a flood of miracles has been released in scores of nations overseas (not all through house churches by any means, but total participation in ministry does help).

· Church growth outside of America is now breathtaking. Every morning, there are 175,000 more Christians in the world. And if current growth rates (8% a year) were to continue, everyone in the world would be a core apostolic Christian by 2032! As a side effect of this expansion, Christianity is no longer a white man's religion; whites are now only 30% of the global church.

But aren't the other religions still growing? By birth rates, yes. By conversion, no, not much. Wherever our grass-roots brand of Christianity meets head-on with opponents from other major faiths overseas, the results are almost always the same: The Christians prevail, people get saved, and new networks of house churches start. The other faiths, resting largely on foundations of fantasies and misinformation, have few solid arguments, so when they win confrontations, it is usually through violence, persecution, fines, imprisonment, or confiscation of property.

The bottom line: The world is rapidly becoming all Christian.


Mega Shift - Total Transformation

You're a lucky dog!

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