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This is a new season and dramatic changes in our world have ushered in a new era in missionary work. A new breed of missionaries are rising up to help win the world for Christ:

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The Short-term Missionary Holiday Village represents a new generation of missionaries that desire to serve and assist as well as have fun and fellowship.


More opportunity exists to reach the needy of the world than ever before. United Caribbean Trust has thrown its support behind ministries in Malawi and Haiti, as well as a church building project in Carriacou. Unprecedented numbers of people are answering God's call to the mission field. Don't miss out!


Experiencing a Short-term Missions Trip helps deepen their spiritual life and hooks you up with Johovah Jirah - your provider. With today's reduced travel costs and enhanced global communications the world is now a global village and missions opportunities to laymen can easily be found.


It is our vision that Haiti will become part of this Mission Holiday Village as we build and establish the ministry in this land.


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